At age 20, Christine was resigned to the belief that she was too old to be adopted. Although she dreamed of a family to call her own, she also faced aging out of foster care very soon. Christine felt she was facing many obstacles. What family would want to adopt a young woman almost grown up? Would they feel it was silly adopting a 21-year- old heading off to college? These thoughts filled her mind as the time for emancipation drew nearer.

Six months earlier, a CFSA Adoption Recruiter decided to call Christine’s mentor without Christine’s knowledge to explore whether she might be interested in adopting Christine. The recruiter believed other social workers had reached out to the mentor in the past and found she was not in a position to adopt. However, when the recruiter asked the mentor, she shared that no one had ever asked about adoption and gave a resounding “Yes.”

The mentor was in the process of moving from the District to New Jersey. Christine planned to attend college in the DC area and could spend still spend vacations and holidays with her new Mom. She would have family to support her as she transitioned into adulthood. Christine was elated to hear the news!

On Christine’s 21st birthday, she got the gift of a lifetime: adoption by her mentor who knew her well and now would be her family forever.