Anaya is a wheelchair bound 8 year old girl with a beautiful and an infectious smile. She loves being around people. Anaya is happiest when spoken and enjoys music and interactive play. Anaya is diagnosed with Blount’s disease and suffers from a seizure disorder. As a result her medical issues require her to be dependent on others for her daily care.  Although Anaya is nonverbal, she communicates her feelings clearly. When upset she has the ability to grimace, clap or rock back and forth.  Anaya enjoys exploring her immediate environment.

When Anaya is happy she illuminates with a dazzling smile. Anaya attends a special education school and receives services which include a multi-sensory approach for his personal growth and development. Her favorite activities include music and play time. In the classroom, Anaya is visually attentive to her surroundings and can track objects and people. She has also increased her understanding of the command words “no” and “stop.” The ideal family for Anaya is one that is patient, loving and willing to advocate for her medical, physical and educational needs. If you are interested in having Anaya to become a part of your family, please call (202) 727-3676.