Bryan is an active and curious 10 year boy who enjoys electronics and toy cars.  Bryan has some unique intellectual needs which his adoptive family will definitely learn more about. Bryan is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder; however he is able to engage in all tasks when presented with a few verbal cues of encouragement.  He is currently attending a developmental elementary school and is doing well in his program. His school provides physical, occupational, and speech therapies in order to advance his development. He also receives adaptive cognitive and social-emotional support. Bryan does require assistance with daily living tasks, such as getting dressed and assistance with toileting.  He is very aware of his daily routine and has the ability to stick to it with motivation.

Bryan needs a family that can meet his special developmental needs by working with his educational team and therapeutic encounters on a consistent basis. Bryan’s Autistic component is also extremely important for a family to work closely with the recommended therapeutic interventions at home and in the community. It may also be beneficial for him to have two parent household because of the level of care he requires. Bryan needs a patient family that will provide nurturing, love and affection. If you are interested in having Bryan to become a part of your family, please call (202) 727-3676.