The Family Registry is a tool to help social workers identify homes for District children and youth waiting to be adopted from the public child welfare system. You must have a completed home study and be approved to adopt to be included in the Family Registry.

The DC Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) will verify that you are approved to adopt before adding your profile to the Family Registry. CFSA may use personal contact information you provide to verify your approval to adopt but will not include any contact information for you in the database.

Access to the Family Registry is limited to social workers in the District of Columbia. Inclusion of information in the Family Registry does not guarantee matching with a waiting child or youth. However, if a social worker selects you as a potential match for a child or youth, that social worker will contact your adoption caseworker.

Stay in touch with your adoption caseworker to find out whether any social worker is expressing interest in you through the Family Registry.